Jim Zhang

Born in Shanghai, China; educated/trained in China, Japan and Germany, developing and succeeding in US.

Jim loves painting at early six, and showing the talent since then. When he was sixteen, one of his paintings was permanently housed by Shanghai Fine Art Museum, China’s top official-founded museum.

After completed an art study in China, he worked as chef interior designer for a Shanghai Design Company. Then began the oversea journey to Tokyo, Japan and Berlin, Germany for several years, to pursue advanced studies, and to enlarge the vision in art of different fields.

He is creative and prolific artist in various style from impressionistic to contemporary, from landscape to wild life, anything he sees, likes and feels, he paints them and draws them . 

He has images in his mind since he lived and traveled in many places in China, Japan, Germany, France, and US. From the influence around the would he likes to express his art work by combining an Asian artistic techniques with the western expression way in different media, that which ever helps him presentation.

His artwork win the prize of awards, as well as the general popularity, and collected by corporations/Museum and private art lovers around the world, such as Dr Ralph Stanley-American famous bluegrass musician/artist, and one of the well known Sumotori from Japan.

Let’s beginning “Western meet Eastern”.